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Vodafone WiFi

I am a happy bunny as it appears Vodafone have made using WiFi on the underground even easier. There is a new wireless network VodafoneWiFi other people said phones magically found this and worked. I had to manually point my … Continue reading

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More open data fun

Next important fix is to add a key Continue reading

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My fun with open data

So I’ve not finished yet, but I’ve been playing with the Transport for London (TFL) opendata and google maps API. So far I’ve got it so I can import the routes and let you choose a route to show on … Continue reading

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Ordnance Survey praise

I expect most of these forms to end up in black holes. Continue reading

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What to do on a Sunday

Why of course what you do on a Sunday is re-create your dynamic web page to help motivate your diet and gym going weight loss. I used to have one of these and people kept telling me I should do … Continue reading

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Give me Data

I am most annoyed this morning because when I got to the platform at Eden Park despite getting a decent signal on my phone it is refusing to make a data connection. Now I’ve done my basic trouble shooting airplane … Continue reading

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Nerd weekend

Firstly I have managed finally to get stomp working to connect to one of the network rail data feeds. Currently I am just going to log the data for my train into work in the morning to get a better … Continue reading

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