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So it’s time to get back on track. Having to buy the largest waist jeans M & S sell is never a good plan, which when I did lose weight I promised I’d never put it back, but alas I failed there. Time has come to fix this.

I’ve ordered some new swimming goggles (with prescription lenses, hence the not buying on the high street). My swimming kit is already sitting under my desk as work so once they turn up we’re ready to rock and roll. I really need to start rolling as Kat suggest we do London Tri 2020, currently I’m not going to be able to get anywhere near to getting my wet suit on.

I’m also going to have a go with Huel, but in reality I’ve got the nutrition right if (and it’s a very big if) I can stop myself from snacking. Now it was competition with Kat that worked for me last time the weight came off, so hopefully I can make this work all over again.

As a Tough Mudder Brand Ambassador it would be good to be able to run more of the course, but then I do also love my volunteer shifts with Tough Mudder. I have to include any first timers wanting 30% off use BRANDUK9353 as a discount code to sign up.

Anyway the plan is as for next week to be swimming three times a week, before upping this to some none swimming exercise.

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