More geek time

I used another one of my ESP32 devices this time as an output. Took me a while to get it working though as I was putting the text of the screen.

OLED display

Refresh rates

Excuse the photo not looking wonderful, but the refresh rate of the display isn’t working well with the iPhone camera. However I’m very happy I can now have a display that gets data over WIFI. I’m still trying to work out the definitions of pressure changes the Met Office use.

I need to try and get a graph on the display to or at least a symbol showing the trend.


I really should try and mount the display in a box, rather than have all these lose devices with wires lying about, but what do I really want on a display I can see before I turn the computer on.


What’s really useful is how many random USB ports that provide power exist in the world these days. My barometer is leeching power from the printer and my display is using the Sky Q box to get power.

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