Alarm Improvement

So I’ve been doing a bit more home automation improving over the last few days. What I now have is a automation running on my iPhone at 02:02 am. This automation sends to my Home Assistant setup the time of the morning alarm minus 30 minutes if one is set or a fake time of ’07:24′ if it is not set. Thanks to for the info I needed to get this set up

As I use the “Wake Up” alarm on the iPhone it only lets you chose multiples of 5 mins, hence being able to use a fake time rather than having to send another variable to say if the alarm is set or not.

Once home assistant hits the time that it’s been sent it starts a 30 minute fade up on my hue lights meaning I should always have a light room by the time my alarm goes off.

Of course this won’t work if my alarm is set before 02:32, but that’s so rare I can cope with that. An early rise would tend to be around 4am if I had a long drive to an event or something.

Once the alarm triggers I have another shortcut that runs on my iPhone if by battery in my iPhone is above 80 percent it turns the lights on full. (Exactly how the fade up already has them). However if the battery is less than (or equal to) 80 percent it turns the lighting red, the idea being I know I’ve not charged it properly.

Then the not charging has become a lot less of an issue since Apple moved to the MagSafe chargers for the iPhone. Then occasionally I do still forget to put my phone on charge and this gives me enough time to fix it a bit before I need to do anything.

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