So over our BBQ we have some LED strip, the controller and the power supply I was using for this had both gone pop. Maybe something to do with the outdoors. The power supply actually hides in the shed and the controller is with the lights on the underside of the roof of a bus stop type gazebo over the bbq.

First rip out the old stuff

First job was easy and I forgot to take any photos, but the wire I was using had a few joins in and so my plan was replace the wire as well as the power supply and the controller.

Ali Express

As much as I love hue lighting stuff for the amount of use the bbq gets it just wasn’t cost viable to buy a £88 outdoor light strip when my costings come to this list using Ali express

  • LED Strip (Not actually replaced this time) – £4.48
  • Controller Box – £2.19
  • Wire (slight estimate as I used less than half of what i ordered) – £10
  • Old laptop PSU (I found a spare) – £0 (or £8 for similar off eBay)

It didn’t work at first

Turns out that it was supplied with no battery in the remote, but at these prices can I really complain? I think not, so some 2025s are on the way from Amazon. I’ve also ordered some sticky pads so I can replace my not so great loop of gaffa tape trying to hold the controller in place.


What I’d really like to do next is put one high temperature thermocouple in each BBQ and get some semi large 7 segment displays set up. So without having to look at the analog gauge on the front of the BBQ you can see how it’s doing if you’re sitting at the main outside table.

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