Insect bites

I’m going to start this post with a only read on if you can cope with photos of insect bites on my foot warning.

So Sunday noticed I picked up a few bites in the garden, think best be sensible and start on the antihistamine. So I start with a normal 10mg dose of Cetirizine.

Photo showing fresh bites
Foot on Sunday 30th 8:15pm

So Monday I go to work and all is well the foot is starting to get sore at lunchtime so I have a look under my sock in the office.

Monday they are starting to get more angry. Take more antihistamine

So I go and watch Joseph by the end my foot is on fire, but I’m now leaving my shoe on as it’s feeling like if it comes off it isn’t going back on.

Once home late Monday. You can notice the foots now started to all go red, and see a mark from the shoe being tight.

I’d already warned my line manager it felt like this one was reacting badly on Monday and wasn’t able to concentrate when I met with him and two colleagues. Hence come Tuesday I had to take the day off sick, it was suggested I work at home but the combination of pain plus drugs was doing me no favours at all in thinking straight.

This was Tuesday lunchtime

It’s not looking too bad at Tuesday lunchtime, but that’s a combination of cream and not really moving from bed where I’d built a towel mountain to keep it nicely elevated. I tried sitting at my PC and soon had to move back to bed.

This is Tuesday evening

So Tuesday not going much had really helped, but still on the antihistamine and not really with it. When I got up on Wednesday Dad pointed out I’d poured myself a glass of diet coke then just left it. One thing Mum found on Tuesday was an article in the times on the various antihistamines and as I mentioned before I was using cetrizine as my own experimentation had found that to be one that made me less drowsy/away with the fairies. This article recommended Clarityn (Loratadine) as being slightly better, so I told prime to make some of this turn up and as of tomorrow (Thursday) I’m seeing how I react to that one.

This is Wednesday evening

Anyway back to where we are now. This is was taken minutes ago and it’s all really starting to calm down so I’m hopeful it will behave with a sock tomorrow. I’ll throw some plasters in my bag though so I’ve got options if it’s not behaving. But the itching has certainly gone away now the thing I notice most is the skin on the top of my left foot feels tight.

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