What I really, really want

Is a commercial grade device that connects to Ethernet and let’s me power cycle a single device remotely. What’s really annoying is I could knock something like this up for home and be happy it was safe enough, but when it comes to work we really want to be buying in professional grade products.

Now this type of device exists in data centre power distribution units (PDUs), but these have a minimum of 8 outputs and are rather large. What I want is something we can mount with a ceiling hung projector so without finding a ladder I can power cycle it. Okay it would be nicer if the projector manufacturers used watchdog timers on their control circuits so the projectors unlock if they do crash, but that’s probably been cost engineered out of any designs.

The other type of device that can have similar functionality is a UPS, but APC seem to only sell the small Li-Ion one in the US, and the idea of heavy lead acid battery devices in mid air just doesn’t appeal to me.

Does anyone know of such a device? I almost think the demand could be big enough to make it worth designing something safe and bring it to market.

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