I love my radiator valve

Yes you read that right. I really love my radiator valve. It’s an ET SPIRIT value I got from Reichelt (based in Germany, please Brexit don’t break me buying toys from our European neighbours)

Photo of the ET Spirit Radiator Value

What I really like about this valve it has something called FLiRS (Frequently Listening Receiver Slave), which in simple terms means it is always listening out for Z-Wave commands sent to it and wakes up for them without getting through batteries too quickly. So if I decide it’s too cold in my room I can set a new temperature from my phone or my PC and off it goes and as it was too cold very soon you’ll hear the valve open (not too loud) then the click click of the metal radiator getting warmer.

Also love the fact the configuration setting allow the screen to show the set temperature the right way up for the UK.

I’m using HomeSeer for the back end of my Home automation. They deserve some praise too, I’ve got a fairly old HomeTroller Zee which was their first Raspberry Pi based HomeSeer system and I ordered the plug in to make it work with Hue lighting before I learnt that to use plugins you need the Zee S2. On requesting a refund on a Sunday I was having a friendly e-mail chat with someone based in the US, then they’d processed the refund by Wednesday.

Thanks to being able to schedule events in HomeSeer I wake up to 22 degrees and go to sleep at 16. I do like a cold room to sleep, but hate getting up in the cold. I’m getting a bit annoyed with IFTTT and the fact it doesn’t seem to always want to talk to the HomeSeer cloud hence I’m currently pondering do I get an upgrade so I can get HomeSeer talking to my Hue Devices or do I buy a Samsung Smart Things hub and use that so I can talk to Zigbee type devices? I’ll keep pondering from now as it’s not the end of the world yet. the reviews for the SmartHub are not being the most promising.

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