Tough Mudder Clapham Common

Early get up

First train on a Saturday to change at London Bridge for the Northern Line to Clapham South meant I couldn’t stay out too long on Friday.

I also found it quite hard not to get off the tube at Clapham Common, but the maps all agreed that Clapham South was the right station.


First I gave a hand checking in the other volunteers. With a bit of multitasking craziness fortunately the 5km Tough Mudders use less MVPs than a full event weekend so I coped without the normal gang helping me.

Spread Eagle

Spread Eagle was the obstacle I was based at all day. The main challenge looking after this one is first convincing people not to go one at a time, but once that challenge is sorted it then becomes a challenge of controlling the number of people at a time isn’t too high.

It also needed a little bit of care from the construction team during the day and that gave the fun of shutting half at a time and managing the queue caused as we did so.

Second time round we had a great group at the front who were happy to use it as a reason for a rest and have a good chin wag about nothing in particular.

So in general I had a great day out.

Once the last participants were through my obstacle it was time to dismantle the bunting round it then the course marking along from it.

Finally it was help pack down the main village. I’m slowly getting the hang of the pop up gazebos TM like to use.

Sore feet

I spend a lot of my working life sitting down and the area I was standing on was fairly well compacted ground and my feet were sure telling me about this once I was home on Saturday and all day Sunday, but now it is Monday they have recovered ready for work. Which is damn useful as we expect this to be the busiest week of the year for me and my team.

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