Fireman Sam

So Sunday I had an interesting start to my day.

I was helping at a local half marathon and walked to my marshalling spot getting there nice and early just in case.

A lady nothing to do with the event came up to me in a major panic as she had locked her child in her car along with her car keys.

Nothing I could do so called 999 and asked for the fire brigade. Who turned up very quickly and provided much reassurance to the lady and went as far as helping entertain the child through the window with holding a mobile phone against the glass.

In the end they summoned a recovery firm who came and gained access to the car.

I did also hear them suggesting they should ask for some content on the fire brigade issued tablet such that they can use that to help entertain.

Not quite how I expected marshalling a half marathon to start, but very impressed with their care for the lady and her child.

They also joined in encouraging the runners as they came past. Was a pleasure to have that fire engine crew on my corner with me.

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