Oh f*%#

Is how I can describe waking up on Thursday morning. If I touched my big toe on my right foot then I wanted to scream and I just couldn’t put a sock on and my toe wouldn’t move if I moved the others it was stuck frozen solid.

So I went along to open surgery at my GP practice who queried gout and then due to my asthma / blood pressure medicines chose to put me on a drug that comes with a warning “DRUG TOXICITY WARNING: High doses of Colchicine can result in drug toxicity.” It then goes on to say you can’t start a second course for three days. I also got told to stay off the ibuprofen with my asthma. The doctor did say when she first saw me that the blood tests for Urate (Uric Acid) normally peak six weeks after an attack. So when they got the blood test results back and called me about them she was able to say that all the numbers were normal (including Urate being normal, but on the high side of normal) which made me glad nothing else was seeming to be wrong with me.

I’m very lucky with my doctors being able to go to open surgery and get seen the same day makes me glad I have the GPs I do. I was even more pleasantly surprised when I got called about my blood test results and didn’t need to phone up myself.

Is it getting better?

Well I can move my big toe a whole millimetre now, but I really needed a hair cut so off to the hairdressers I went with sandals and a sock just on my good (left) foot. Yes I felt and looked stupid, but there was no way I could get a sock on and not scream the house down and my sandals seem to just miss the sore area, but even so I was so glad to get home and get the damn think off my right foot.

As you do when you’ve been told what a problem most likely is I was looking up diet advice on the internet and found this about whisky.

What’s really annoying is I had to cancel too personal training type gym sessions as I couldn’t go to work due to the toe and it’s still not moving 🙁

I just want it to work again

So my various internet reading suggests a typical attack lasts between three and ten days. So if Thursday was day one, then Saturday (today) is day three and there’s now starting to be hope it will bugger off and i can stop building towel mountains to try to help.

I really can’t moan too much, as it’s not the end of the world it’s just a bit of pain and inconvenience, but alas not something I was planning for.

Doesn’t help my mood that this weekend should have been the start of the F1 season, and I’ve been looking forward to that to have coronavirus take that away from us. That said I think the comment that explains it best is if anyone of these measures saves just one life it will have all been worth it, but at the same time it is also fair to accept these enforced changes of plan aren’t the best for everyone’s mental health and we should take extra special care to look after each other.

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