I appear to have run a Marathon!

Will update with more photos once I can, but for now.

One shiny medal! It is a decent size too and I am chuffed to have got this.

The support from the people of Manchester was awesome. There was a long stretch of course where the two directions went past each other and the number of people running a faster marathon supporting us slower runners was amazing!

It wasn’t only the runners who were awesome though the people lining the streets were also providing much needed encouragement, jelly babies and even extra drinks. 

The marshalls were also all very supportive. When I finished and had a sit down one of the cycle marshalls popped over and said well done. If I had enough energy left at the end to be emotional I would have been. 

Finally I had to thank Charli for being my main support on the day. There should be some extra photos she took, but the help of having a friend where at the end when my legs just didn’t want to work anymore was really needed!

Yeah I made it round in 7:07 the curse of Mike entering a race and it being a warm sunny day hit again…. you can see where I missed with the P20 sunscreen!

Looking at all the comments on Facebook makes me really quite proud! I got a couple of Facebook messages come up on my watch during the run and damn did they help as did everyone’s support and sponsorship. Rob who was one of the managers when I worked in the union bar kept his word on a bet that I’d never do a marathon and made a very generous donation to the Kent, Surrey and Sussex air ambulance! I also glad I paid for my place so more of your money goes straight to the charity rather than paying for me to do something I wanted to do!

Currently I am in the never again mindset, but will have to make sure I get out there and support other people on their own marathon challenges!

My legs aren’t back to normal yet, but am going to try walk then tram into Manchester from my air b’n’b. Last night I had to be a uber and on asking my driver if it had been a busy day for him he was telling me he’d been supporting people running the marathon.

If I ever do decide to run another one Manchester will be high up the list of choices!

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Vitality North London Half

Getting up this morning was rather a struggle as my legs say they would rather have the day off…

But I got some more bling yesterday.

Race Bling

I hate Sunday mornings as I needed to be at the start for 7.15 and it seems network rail and the train operating companies believe we should all have Sunday lie ins. The lack of trains meant it was many buses or driving so I went for driving.

The other thing I learnt yesterday is that Wembley is hilly! I pushed myself a bit too hard up one of the hills and had to slow down a bit after that to recover! 

The marshalls were all awesome at helping motivate and even the guys employed for traffic management were helping keep us all going.

That said I found a small second wind as I got back to the stadium and runners who had finished were really doing an awesome job at helping others keep going.

It was also slightly amusing and motivating that once in the stadium I got a hello from one of the photographers, turns out that people you meet in the Obstacle Course Racing world turn up everywhere!

I was lucky enough Viki one of the duty managers from my work gym also ran and was happy enough to hang around for me to finish and have some lunch.

The worst bit had to be driving home with stiff calfs! However it did make me very glad that when Manchester is done I am staying near the finish! So no driving needed, I will also use the train to get back to London on the Monday rather than driving.

Oh yeah if you’ve not already sponsor my marathon run….

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A month left until my marathon 

Please don’t ever say I won’t do something I say I will it might have been a while since I worked for Rob in the union bar, but now there is only a month left till I run a marathon….

I’ll start with the begging now please sponsor me! I’ve paid for my own place and anything that goes with running a marathon so your pennies won’t be funding me and will help the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance carry on the life saving work they do.

Did a 5k today training wise and still gradually getting that a bit faster which makes me happy! 

Sunday week I have to get up early for the Vitality North London Half.

My main aim is to finish the marathon and only allowing walking when taking on fluid / gels. I best be able to do that in under 7 hours, but it being this close has made me refocus on the nutrition again. So it is everything in my fitness pal again!

Anyway link again.

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Here it is (Week One)

So today marks the first day of my 16 week marathon training programme. I can cope with today’s training which is “rest” as going out for lunch with my team today.

Not sure I love my Sundays with the long run on, but once I’ve got the meat in why not go for a Christmas Day run?

I suppose I best be good at the rest of my Christmas functions too now…

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Week Zero

One week left until the start of sixteen weeks of marathon training. Not sure starting slap bang in the middle of Christmas party season is the best idea ever… then it might keep me out of some mischief!

I plan to blog after each week at least, maybe after each training season we shall see as ever my blog would rather like some more regular updating.

Also judging by this mornings coldness I might aim to do some of the running (not all) in a nice warm gym on a treadmill.

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Two weeks until week one

So with my first marathon being 2nd April 2017 that’s 18 weeks away…. ARGH

I’m going to use a first time marathon runners programme I found online which is 16 weeks long. So that’s two weeks left until it starts.

Sadly I had most of last week off the gym and other exercise due to feeling unwell with a heavy cold!

The good news is I’m back to being able to run 5k in one go again. There’s the winter run and a half in my training plan too.

I expect it will also be my last marathon my plan is to treat it as an I want to do one once event.

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Tough 10

So yesterday (Sunday 23rd November) saw me completing a Tough 10 for Cancer Research U.K. on my way there I had to drive with fog lights intermittently, but by the time we got there it had brightened up a bit. Turning into ideal running weather for me temperature wise, even if I was one of the only ones in shorts and t shirt.

I am annoyed with myself as I took my GPS watch home from work, but then left it at home rather than taking it on the run.

The route was quite scenic, but the first field that appeared on the route had a up, down, up down zig zag and was when I first had to walk.

I wish I wore my road running shoes not my trail shoes as the route was generally fairly solid ground with bits of soft mud, but nothing needing trail shoes. My trail shoes not being as well cushioned meaning I am suffering from slightly stinging feet still this morning. (Another reason to lose some more weight). My calfs are also telling me about it, but not in any painful way.

I did get a nice medal.

It was a bit early for a 10k in my training plan, but the hills remind me I need to train for them more. Manchester marathon might be flat, but part of the idea is helping with tough mudder next year too!

Now to keep up runnering twice a week over winter! 

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