About Me

My interests are computers, electronics and virtually most things people would consider to have a geek aspect.
For my day job I manage a team to IT Support Engineers fixing computers this is an idea job for me given my love of the things. The only complaint I have is once upon a time a box with a new computer in used to be something I found exciting now I’ve seen so many it’s not as fun any more!
In my spare time I’ve start playing with the Arduino which really is an open source microprocessor platform it’s well worth having a look at. One comment though be careful when choosing pull-up / pull-down resistors I might have made the magic smoke leave one of the micro-controllers which was rather sad, but not that painful a learning experience. Combined with some LED strips and some FETS to cope with the power that needs turning on and off I’ve had some very good fun.
I’ve also written an andriod app, but rather hope for some sudden idea of a new one to write that will be a must have. However it’s nice that a least a few people do use my app 🙂

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