Ae (Mike’s UK A to Z)

So I’ve started my A – Z project with a trip to Ae Village. I visited Ae on Friday 14th June 2019 whilst on the way to Tough Mudder Scotland where amusingly to me one of the obstacles Arctic Enema often has it’s name shortened to A.E. Whilst speaking of Tough Mudder remember any first timers can get 30% off any UK classic or 5k event with my ambassador code of BRANDUK9353

I was also not in A & E as one of my friends suggested when I made the check-in with Facebook.

Whilst we were there we happened to find a honesty box tablet and brittle stand. This was £2 very well spent in my opinion (one bag of each)

Ae Village sign

So I’ve decided my only requirement in each place is to visit and briefly document the visit. So you get a photo and my rambling blog post about each one.

B is going to be for a Bacon based place name, but can anyone guess which one? I think a few of you already know so no you can’t play!

Note: has the list as I make it up

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