Oyster / Oyster Replacement over a wider area (PAYG)

Yes the government are doing a consultation on making more pay as you go options available.

This in my opinion really needs doing, but there are two big things I want.

One monthly and annual caps (ideally with X day a week options to cover part time commuters).

Two if the technology needs replacing add longer range RFID too so they can see when I have gone through my home station in the evening. Currently having a season ticket on there means according to the rules I “should tap out” not “must tap out” if you force every to tap out you end up with a stupid queue…

I’d really like to see this working nationwide at some point, but to do that you’re going to have to have the option to put tickets on unless advance fares ever go away, which would make me sad! Then I still remember being in Rome my walk up ticket didn’t cost much at all, why can’t we just have affordable walk up fares?

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