The running show

That was a good wake up and sort yourself out reminder. The friends who nagged me helped as well (all of it supportive nagging), but more being reminded how much I started to enjoy running previously.

So many events I’d like to sign up to, but alas I am too heavy at the moment and also once the OCR season starts there is much overlap with the running season.

Something that was really notable was the stands run using sales people verses those run by people involved with the event/product. Gladly I wasn’t wearing my glasses so the glasses cleaning people left me alone, but they were trying so hard to sell.

Was also good fun to meet so many of my geographical dispersed OCR friends before the OCR season really gets going.

Now I await my train home. This could start a whole new rant on advanced fares being so inflexible, but so much cheaper than more flexible tickets.

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