What I have got planned

Well there’s the running show, I’m off to next week. I’m spending more and more time playing in the mud and socialising with the friends I’ve made in the mud. So a fair few of the OCR Solo Mudders are off to the National Running show next week. (Once I’ve got my weight back down I’ll do some more running, but I’m not attempting any distances until it won’t destroy my knees). Then I also have to remember I have run a marathon, yes it took me 07:07:05, but I did it.

Like last year I’ll be at most Tough Mudders in the UK mainly volunteering, but I’ll run a couple too. I’ll also be at some other OCRs as there are gaps in the diary and I think I can now turn up at any event and know someone there.

I’m also working on some phone app stuff with one of my friends I know from the OCR world, not OCR related, but it is good to meet such a global and diverse group of people.

Then when I’m not doing that lot I might go to work.

And if I’m not working, I’ll be playing with electronics. I want summer to come so I can get the RGB lighting for under a gazebo setup.

Oh I’ve said it before, but I need to remember to blog….

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