3.1 kilos

So that’s the year 2018 started as I plan to go on.

Firstly don’t worry I don’t either plan or expect the weight loss to stay at 3.1 kilos a week! However it is still a happy start to trying to get back closer to the 90kg mark.

I’ve managed to log almost everything in MyFitnessPal and weighing portions out has reminded me that I’d let portion control get all over the place.

So this morning the scales read:

126.3kg with scales that connect to the internet I don’t have to remember my weight and then get it wrong!

Where will we be next week for week 2?

One of the next plans is to knock out my Diet Coke habit, when I can and should drink plain tap (or water cooler) water as firstly it will be cheaper and secondly I’ve seen studies on sweeteners still causing insulin spikes and also gassy drinks causing the feeling of hunger.

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