World Toughest Mudder


Yes I know I need too write more often…. Let me get back into the habit of blogging from the train.

Anyway World’s Toughest Mudder

It’s a 25 and a half hour event for crazy people who don’t find a standard tough mudder or one of the 8 hour toughest events hard enough.

Mike why on earth did you go you couldn’t do that? I went as pit crew and looked after mainly people I’ve never met before in my life with the Orphan Tent.

Why’s it not just 24 hours? They get some time to finish a last lap if they start just before the 24 hours in up.

This year (2017) it was in Las Vegas, now I’ve wanted to go to America for quiet some time and the fact it was Vegas I found was pretty awesome.

On the way home we flew over the Grand Cannon (thank you Delta Pilot for telling me to look)


This is where we stayed. It was cheap and cheerful, but it worked just fine. No point in paying for a plush hotel if that’s not why you’re going!

Then speaking of being cheap thanks to my three planes route. I did end up with one of these….


Delayed Baggage leaflet

But we went for some emergency shopping at Target and I didn’t have to stay stinky for too long. Next to Target there happened to be a shoe discount type store and I even found some $20 dollar trainers. It was annoying, but not the end of the world. Vegas never shuts so it was all just part of the fun.

Cliff Jumping



Not something I took part in myself, but on Thursday there was the cliff jumping. I struggled with the terrain on the way back down away from the cliff jump. As I was with a bunch of fellow Tough Mudders it didn’t take long for people I didn’t even know to come and give me a hand on the way down.

Event Weekend

I’m going to say this started on Friday with fetching of the bibs.


There was also buying of a pit crew t-shirt to be done in the merchandise shop once I had my bib. There was also a meal at one of the big hotels with a buffet. It really was awesome.

Saturday as we offered to give one of our fellow UK mudders who was running a lift to the site we got their nice and early. Despite us trying to pick her up from the back of the hotel she was staying in with her being at the front. (Sorry Renee)

Then it was spend a very long time in the desert. I was so glad my case and therefore my P20 sunscreen had made it by this time! As me and the desert was a brave move.


The start

Look at all those clean white bibs, you can tell that’s the start!

Then once they started it was basically time to start looking after people. Speaking on looking after people it was a very pleasant surprise to find Merrell were looking after me with some trainers. I was volunteering at the oprhan tent as looking after just one runner was never going to be enough for me. Got to thank Traci and her crew for making all of us very welcome to help her.


They have basically turned into my work shoes these days! Thanks! They were also pretty awesome at helping provide us with some tent cover, and along with the sunscreen it was them who made it possible for me to spend so long in the desert.

I did have an hour nap. Thanks to Renee being kind enough to let me borrow her tent for an hour, but otherwise it was staying awake for a very long time in the desert!

Sunday we got back to the motel and the cleaners came fairly soon after us, and as we were so tired we’d not though to use the do not disturb door hanger…

Then it’s all a blur.

I do know I managed to fit in some shopping to keep my sister happy. Sephora and peeps seems to be the answer to that.

Now the annoying bit…

I’ve doen Vegas now, but next year WTM moves to Atlanta hence looks like I’m probably going back.



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