Tough Mudder South West

Number 8 is missing

So after last time out in Yorkshire (yes, I’ve failed to blog about it, but will do a delayed blog once some video is hopefully released). In summary for Yorkshire taking someone in a wheelchair round the course shows just how awesome other mudders are!

Number 9 – aka South West

I’m not complaining as it saved me some of a drive, but I think South West should be a little more South West than Badminton.


So Saturday as I was volunteering. I was on Blockness Monster for the day and it was EXTRA monster this weekend as it had been dug deep to it was harder to push on the block to make it spin. That said I’ve seen many people in the tougher waves manage it single handed so harder, but not impossible and I got over on the Sunday when I ran.

Due to the course layout once people started coming they kept coming until the sweep vehicle got to us, so there was no rest for us.


Once we were done here we went to help with a wee queue that had formed on hold your wood, and with some awesome MVP team work without even talking to each other we soon had that queue sorted.

We had a bit of a group curry feast (thanks Richard) in the evening, but I was in bed before 9 as I was just too shattered and wanted to be in a good state to run.


My highlight of the run has to be making the highlight photos… (twice)


The solo mudders are an awesome bunch that I run with sometimes, and was rocking one of their t-shirts this weekend, hence it was only right I jumped into this photo.

Then Tough Mudder has kindly provide me with another new facebook profile photo too…


I’ll have a normal one again some day, but probably no time soon!

It wasn’t quite the same as the last event and my next event is going to be very special for me when I get that 10x headband, so not my favourite event of the year, but still bloody awesome in seeing how nice people can be to each other!


Argh I hate sorting my kit after a TM weekend, but it is mainly done now.

Making the weekend better still, I had a service booked in on my car today and Audi kindly wash and hoover it for you with a service…. I might book more services after events!



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