Tough Mudder Norddeutschland

Getting there

Where best to start than an early hours ferry on Friday morning, I was back to allowing myself plenty of fudge factor time after my nightmare of just making the cut off in Dublin.

Then is was the long drive on the continent with a tiny bit of France some Belgium then the Netherlands a loads of Germany, but nearly all on the same road.

We ended getting to motel 24h Hannover minutes before the next bunch turned up. They had flown into Hannover and hired a car.


We went on a walk to hunt down the local Aldi and missed it by turning left too soon. Thanks to Google Maps for pointing us back in the right direction and also to the EU for making roaming a lot more sensible cost wise.

We decided to go buy some proper food and took the two cars to a local steak house. I had ribs and a jacket potato at 13 Euros it was the first time in ages that a plate of food had defeated me. During the meal we did one airport run in each car I was most impressed with how easy it was made to pick someone up from Hannover Airport!


Race day

We got up at a sensible time and headed to McDonalds for breakfast. I had to have a croissant as never had one of them in McDonald’s before.

Then it was about an hours drive to the venue. Parking was easy then it was time for sun glasses and party hats. Oh and a shot of Jäger before we started.


We got some before we started photos and this is about what we looked like at the beginning.


As Jamie was being filmed we ended up at the front of the warm up pen. We managed to get in a happy Birthday to Gary too, but with most of our wave joining in this time.

I'd still got my hat on for kiss of mud….


I was very impressed with the MVPs on the course a large number of who had switched to English when they saw/heard us coming. Then it wasn’t only the MVPs who did this I had a good few conversations with German Mudders on the course too.

We needed another shot at the half way point.


I loved the amount of water on this course, especially the lake at near the end to swim across as it did get most of the mud off saving me the need of the rinse station.

Also worth a mention are the course snacks I really loved the pick up biscuits. Sponsorship works as this is actually a full sized one I got in France on my way home.


We did make it to the end….


The evening after

Once we got back we all wanted a proper warm shower…. I learnt her that I needed some form of scrubbing implement for the shower as I had to baby wipe the mud off even after said shower. It didn’t help that the hotel had fixed head showers.

We’d decided to head into Hannover and without any planning for this learnt the motel had a tram stop not too far away so off on a German tram adventure we went.

We found somewhere selling Gyros “kebabs” and between the nine of us almost emptied the beer fridge.

Then we found the Irish Bar where I had one last drink before home time.

The drive home

One of the reasons I didn’t stay out too late was setting a 6 am alarm for Sunday morning and not wanting to be over the drink drive limit the morning after.

The roads were beautifully empty on the way home, until somewhere just after the French border but as we got closer to the stationary traffic ahead the car sat nav got us off the motorway to avoid the queue. This also turned into a bonus as we got to shop in a French supermarket.


Wil Chung who ran with us has updated his blog.

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One Response to Tough Mudder Norddeutschland

  1. Mr Jamie Gane says:

    I had such a great time running with you buddy! Thank you for your support round the course. J

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