Tough Mudder Ireland

Getting there

Due to it costing so much more if  Stuart, Charli and I went on Friday and came back Sunday we had to chose a Saturday early hours crossing.

Once Charli has fed us in Manchester we headed to Wales and went to the warmest pub in the world with a bit of walking round Llandudno to.

I did find it easier than I expected to get some shut eye on a ferry couch. Once in Ireland we then used the M3 (toll road) to get our arses to the event site. I missed the yellow signs that I am used to for miles out of the event, but Audi Sat Nav with an online search worked well. They were still checking volunteers in when we got there so all good. (Don’t think I scared Stuart or Charli too much with my driving.)


Stuart headed off to do his own multi lapping thing, whilst Charli and I got assigned our obstacles. We happened to both be put in the same zone with a zone leader who was greatful to have some MVPs with experience. Our zone leader also drove us round his zone so we knew exactly what should be going on in his area before we started.


I had Decare Dental Insurance Ireland sponsoring my obstacle (Kiss of Mud) so with two of them taking photos and two medics it wasn’t too dull between waves. This worked in our favour when we ran on Sunday as they took some photos of us going through and a team photo too.

Once the last waves were through we went to help elsewhere. I ended up dragging a wheely bin up a hill as the level of rubbish was getting quite epic.


The campsite we’d been recommended by Jacinta was awesome they sent a text when we’d not turned up on Friday to check all was well. When I went to pay the balance they didn’t want the extra euros as the deposit was 50% and we had missed one night.

Went and took my worlds smallest BBQ and large  tools and were social whilst we cooked. The fish slice has a bottle opener built in proper BBQ tools if I do say so myself!



So after taking a bit longer to get up than we wanted we missed the first wave, but I got to “run” with a very decent bunch of people.


I’ve lost most of my left foot big toe nail so had upgraded my shoes to some speed cross 4s, very comfortable and felt secure even in the sucky mud parts of the course. No major  issues on the course and my lungs were happy for a puff on my inhaler on the way round. Having Jamie with us was a constant inspiration all the way round he might have less legs than most of us, but he sure isn’t a moaner or a quitter!

Getting home

So after we’d “ran” on Sunday it started to spit with rain so it was time to make a move back to Dublin. After telling the car to avoid toll roads we went on a very pain free trip back to Dublin for less euros than the way there. In Dublin we found the golden arches of McDonalds and a pub that served Guinness. I stole a sip of Charli’s half pint to check I still didn’t like it, but stuck to diet coke as I was driving anyway.

So the most stressful part of the trip for me was we didn’t realise how late it got when we went to a local tesco and got to the port 30 minutes before sailing with the cut off being 30 minutes before sailing. We were the last car on the boat (okay a van came on after us, but I don’t want to dry that one again)



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