Tough mudder number 5

So I’ve got my second yellow headband.

Yellow Headband (Number 5)


Before I got my headband it as a day of Volunteering with my Tough Mudder IMG_1457partner in crime Charli. No I’m not trying to strangle her, just wanting to make sure that headband that is on my wrist was in the photo. Just a silly game some of us TM legionnaires like to play.

We had a good laugh with our water safety team on the creek crusade, even if one of us was over the other side of the creek most of the day. We did get moved round, but three volunteers meant that we had a turn each on the far side.

I managed to take a photo of a butterfly for the MVP wildlife photography competition. Not that I’ve worked out how to enter it yet, but our butterfly was in orange.



Anyway enough of volunteering on Saturday… Sunday was go for a run day.


It started off as just Charli and me, but we soon picked up the rest of our motley crew! I wasn’t wheezing as bad as last time, but I should probably still go and ask the doctor if i’m broken as really struggling to run without wheezing at the moment. I’ve been trying anti histamine before asking the doctor.

Pauline introduced us to a new technique for kiss of mud and it appears one of the photographers got a nice synchronised shot of Charli and myself testing it out.


Then it was also awesome to go and play in the creek we’d volunteered on the day before.


Yes we’re just mucking about in the water…. We’re meant to be going the same way as everyone else, but Charli has been leading a sing song and we’d been chatting to one of the TMHQ staff and posing for photos.

We’ve got to love Tim for bringing a camera with him that was up to the task of coming round with us!

Also I’ve got the most awesome beanie I’ve seen… my fellow MVP are jealous, but this year beanies are just for overnight events.


This reminds me I really shout write a post about the previous weekend…. I’ll do that some time this week and then publish it with an old date to confuse you all.

Thanks again to Charli, Tim, Pauline and Jason for making this one a fun one, and yet again proving how awesome the TM family is.





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