Volunteering at Europes Toughest Mudder

I was already planning to drive up to the campsite I’d found fairly nearby then out came a Facebook post saying that extra pre-event shifts had been created on the Friday.

I ended up spending Friday afternoon putting stickers on envelopes and then putting into those same envelopes timing chips, bibs and wristbands.

Then Saturday morning was the Midlands half I was like normal volunteering with partner in crime Charli. This time it was Everest!

Once we were done with this is was off to see if I could manage a nap in the car. Answer is not very well….

So we went back over to the volunteer tent and had a chill there planning to wait until our shift start time. They were having a mad rush at check in, hence we got asked if we’d help out so we went and got rid of the backlog of queues at check in.

Once we’d done that it was off to Artic Enema for the overnight volunteering shift! 

We were out there for well before 12 and then got told we were to open at 1, but to wait radio calls to confirm.

We got plenty of ice in to cool it down. The first runners who went through weren’t that glad we’d opened the obstacle.

We ran out of ice during the night, but I am ensured the water was still plenty cold as people went through!

What I loved about the night was how many of the runners said thank you on their last laps and the thanks they have continued to give post event in the various Facebook groups.

What I found hardest was the no hugs and high 5s! But I didn’t want to be a reason one of my mates got disqualified!

I’ll certainly be back next year, but won’t be doing the volunteering at the half first!

And of course we got beanies for this shift.

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