Tough mudder number 4

After just volunteering at Tough Mudder last weekend it was time to run a tough mudder as well as volunteering this weekend.

I quite enjoyed my view from the top of snot rocket.

That’s where I spent most of my Saturday. Was awesome to see people I know doing good in the tougher mudder wave (the one wave that is a race) 

Then on Sunday it was time for a run…

I still find in awesome we only have to pay £15 as volunteers. 

I found myself out on course in mud mile too.

Oh yes I even got to the end having meet Gary who we also volunteered with on the way round.

I did really suffer on the way round and was super wheezing I think my lungs were disagreeing with the amount of dust! In places it was more tough dust cloud than tough mudder, but hopefully some rain will sort that out before Midlands on Sunday week.

I get to volunteer at Europe’s Toughest Mudder before then though.

The only really bad bit of the weekend was tent peg destroying ground which was pure bad luck as I pitched my tent just fine in about the same place the weekend before.

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