More OCR volunteering 

Thought I’d give volunteering at Spartan a try having taken part in that Spartan Sprint in the Olympic park last year.

Okay it was a bit of a long day from arriving at 6am to escaping at 8pm ish, but they did provide a decent lunch and a briefing that actually left me know what I needed to know. 

I didn’t give out that many burpies, but being a climbing traverse type obstacle there were quite a few who did get the burpies! I know I did all mine when I failed the very same damn wall.

I did recommend anyone who found it hard go bouldering for extra practice and was amused when a lady came flying through and said it was because she did bouldering.

For being there all day I got a reasonable amount of swag. My volunteer / Spartan Support t-shirt, a decent lunch, a water bottle and a Spartan volunteer hoody.

I’ll certainly volunteer at Spartan again, but so many weekends already booked up this year! So if there is a clash free not too far away one I shall go! 

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