Ouch and I’m all slow

So I limped back into work yesterday and found that my walking is annoyingly slow at the moment. (Happily it is a bit faster today, but still getting overtaken by all the other commuters)

I’ve got a little bit of a bruise under my left big toe nail and an ex blister under the inner side of my left foot. 

Those shoes have now done the recommended 500 km and as they never used to give me blisters it has to be time to retire them. Being heavy I should possibly not even try and get the standard suggestion out of them, but they have served me well.

What next?

Someone has suggested an ultra…. no way on that one this was quite enough of a challenge for me to the point of it not being fun by the end. 

Others are suggesting another Marathon.

The sense of achievement for me having finished was awesome, but I think a half is a more sane length for both running and recovery.

So what really comes next is my 10x tough mudder head band.

I also plan to give something back to the running world so also next is finding some more events to volunteer at! 

Along with going to watch the London Marathon being glad I didn’t get a ballot place so having already done my marathon.

Was it worth it?


On a personal level yes this was a huge challenge for me, and I am still not quite sure how I made it to the end.

On a less selfish level my friends, family and colleagues have donated very close to £1000 to Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance. That support is one of the things that helped so much towards the end when I just wanted to stop!

I’d already discovered how much support there was in the Tough Mudder / Obstacle Course Racing community for the less fit person trying to better themselves. I can now comment the running community also is very supportive.

One of the reasons it took me a while to get myself on a road to sort out my lack of fitness was being scared of the people who were better than me. How wrong was I? The fitness community just seems to be full of people who want to help and encourage others.

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