I appear to have run a Marathon!

Will update with more photos once I can, but for now.

One shiny medal! It is a decent size too and I am chuffed to have got this.

The support from the people of Manchester was awesome. There was a long stretch of course where the two directions went past each other and the number of people running a faster marathon supporting us slower runners was amazing!

It wasn’t only the runners who were awesome though the people lining the streets were also providing much needed encouragement, jelly babies and even extra drinks. 

The marshalls were also all very supportive. When I finished and had a sit down one of the cycle marshalls popped over and said well done. If I had enough energy left at the end to be emotional I would have been. 

Finally I had to thank Charli for being my main support on the day. There should be some extra photos she took, but the help of having a friend where at the end when my legs just didn’t want to work anymore was really needed!

Yeah I made it round in 7:07 the curse of Mike entering a race and it being a warm sunny day hit again…. you can see where I missed with the P20 sunscreen!

Looking at all the comments on Facebook makes me really quite proud! I got a couple of Facebook messages come up on my watch during the run and damn did they help as did everyone’s support and sponsorship. Rob who was one of the managers when I worked in the union bar kept his word on a bet that I’d never do a marathon and made a very generous donation to the Kent, Surrey and Sussex air ambulance! I also glad I paid for my place so more of your money goes straight to the charity rather than paying for me to do something I wanted to do!

Currently I am in the never again mindset, but will have to make sure I get out there and support other people on their own marathon challenges!

My legs aren’t back to normal yet, but am going to try walk then tram into Manchester from my air b’n’b. Last night I had to be a uber and on asking my driver if it had been a busy day for him he was telling me he’d been supporting people running the marathon.

If I ever do decide to run another one Manchester will be high up the list of choices!

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One Response to I appear to have run a Marathon!

  1. It was my pleasure to support you Mike, I had a marvellous day watching all the runners and you’ve given me the bug to most likely enter one next year.
    Glad to see you’re slowly coming round to the idea of doing another one 😀

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