Vitality North London Half

Getting up this morning was rather a struggle as my legs say they would rather have the day off…

But I got some more bling yesterday.

Race Bling

I hate Sunday mornings as I needed to be at the start for 7.15 and it seems network rail and the train operating companies believe we should all have Sunday lie ins. The lack of trains meant it was many buses or driving so I went for driving.

The other thing I learnt yesterday is that Wembley is hilly! I pushed myself a bit too hard up one of the hills and had to slow down a bit after that to recover! 

The marshalls were all awesome at helping motivate and even the guys employed for traffic management were helping keep us all going.

That said I found a small second wind as I got back to the stadium and runners who had finished were really doing an awesome job at helping others keep going.

It was also slightly amusing and motivating that once in the stadium I got a hello from one of the photographers, turns out that people you meet in the Obstacle Course Racing world turn up everywhere!

I was lucky enough Viki one of the duty managers from my work gym also ran and was happy enough to hang around for me to finish and have some lunch.

The worst bit had to be driving home with stiff calfs! However it did make me very glad that when Manchester is done I am staying near the finish! So no driving needed, I will also use the train to get back to London on the Monday rather than driving.

Oh yeah if you’ve not already sponsor my marathon run….

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