Tough 10

So yesterday (Sunday 23rd November) saw me completing a Tough 10 for Cancer Research U.K. on my way there I had to drive with fog lights intermittently, but by the time we got there it had brightened up a bit. Turning into ideal running weather for me temperature wise, even if I was one of the only ones in shorts and t shirt.

I am annoyed with myself as I took my GPS watch home from work, but then left it at home rather than taking it on the run.

The route was quite scenic, but the first field that appeared on the route had a up, down, up down zig zag and was when I first had to walk.

I wish I wore my road running shoes not my trail shoes as the route was generally fairly solid ground with bits of soft mud, but nothing needing trail shoes. My trail shoes not being as well cushioned meaning I am suffering from slightly stinging feet still this morning. (Another reason to lose some more weight). My calfs are also telling me about it, but not in any painful way.

I did get a nice medal.

It was a bit early for a 10k in my training plan, but the hills remind me I need to train for them more. Manchester marathon might be flat, but part of the idea is helping with tough mudder next year too!

Now to keep up runnering twice a week over winter! 

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