No London Marathon place for me


Well I was unlucky in the 2017 London Marathon ballot so that blew that being my training motivation, but as I read an article suggesting alternatives on the train to work this morning I’ve signed up to the Greater Manchester marathon instead!

Plan b

So it’s a bit earlier in the year than London being on 2nd April rather than the 23rd April. Using a 16 week training plan (with the run being the end of week 16) puts week one of said training starting on Monday 12th December. I think I am reserving the right to shuffle the run day of week two, but might be a nice Christmas morning run to be had we shall see how I feel on the day.

Training for this should certainly help with running more at my tough mudders for 2017. I’ve been very glad that everyone I’ve run with has been a true team player, but I know most of them can go faster than me. One reason I went for this run was it’s nicely before Tough Mudder 2017 season starts and I want that 10x headband!

This is also time to start using My Fitness Pal properly again! Lighter Mike equals happier Mike on runs!

On posting what I was up to on Facebook I’ve already had many other marathons suggested,  but my current thinking is I want to do one once to prove I can.

Be warned….

It’s for this reason I am going to make this my sponsored event as I’ve held off on asking for any other events. Links and nagging to follow! I shall also promise it has to be a bigger challenge than a marathon for me to ask again!

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