Oh I did two Tough Mudders this year

So it all started with a plan to save a few pennies…. if you volunteer at a tough mudder event you can get a nice discount on an entry for another.

So off I went to London West (which was in Henley, car was reading minus 4 Celsius on the way there)

Before the runners at Henley

Anyway I got home from that volunteer shift and quickly signed up for London South to join the team that my gym going buddies had started and wasn’t thinking much of it.

A few weeks later an email came out saying we can make our system for volunteers to get discounted camping work so we’re going to let them camp free this year. So I decided to give two day volunteering a go.

So off I went on my own to the next Tough Mudder event worried that I didn’t know anyone. I’ve since learnt a tough mudder weekend comes with many new friends. At this event I also started to learn how lovely the medics are as well when at the end of the day myself and a fellow volunteer were thanked for working with our medic. I even made the official highlight photos:

But the following was our balls to the wall gang:








So I went home from this weekend on a high as not only was I making friends on the course. I discovered the campsite was also full of friendly people and found that being left hungry from a burger I purchased after my Saturday shift was no big deal as this was when I first met Richard and Jennifer Hazell who are a couple of the nicest people you can ever meet. They had spare food and were offering it out so I had a very welcome super and away went the hunger. This also turned into a good chance to get to chat to lots more people.

Anyway I got made feel so welcome I decided I’d try sign up for plenty more volunteering shifts this year and I couldn’t count the number of new friends I’ve made.

It was one of these friends that convinced me that I should run an extra event this year and that North West was the course to do it at.

So after a day of volunteering Saturday at North West on Arctic Enema we met up as a team on Sunday morning.

Better still fairly early on the way round we also found Emily who’d been with us on Artic and we also picked up Craig, just because he was running with Emily.








Jacinta who is the main person that convinced me to sign up did say the NW mud was something special. Can not disagree with this when you see this photo…

London South

So finally it got to London South and I hated the idea of missing my volunteering family so I camped Friday night to volunteer on Saturday. We the zone 5 gang took this photo before heading off to our various roles.

Then as per the plan from the start of the year I did this event with the gang from Ethos (the gym at Imperial)

Once we were done we looked a bit like this hiding in an open marquee as it had started to rain literally seconds after we finished.

Next year….

So I’m at a 3x head band, so I’ve got an aim to make it up to 10X before the end of next season. With the volunteering one day running the next it’s all very affordable and I’ve learnt no mudder ever runs alone, but am hoping to run with some of the guys I’ve run with before.

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