So I did a triathlon 

I have to blame Kat for this one, but Saturday 6th August saw me take part in and complete my first ever triathlon.

Kat with me after we'd finished the triathlon

Kat finished before Mike

I’m very glad to my friends who have run Triathlons before for making me go and try open water swimming before race day. I had a bit of a panic first time trying to swim in murky water with proper technique. I think all the swimming I have ever done in the sea has been head out of water and not that efficient.

I loved the swim and the cycle; one of my favourite parts of cycling was overtaking people on very expensive bikes.

Me mid triathlon on my bike

Got some not to bad photos from so had to do the paying for my photos thing.

Me just before the end

This is just before the finish line, I loved the bit of the run route that came inside Excel. 

I was probably the only person in T1 who had suncream as part of the transition kit as didn’t want to see how suncream and wetsuit work together! The main reason I wasn’t a huge fan of the run was sweat and wearing suncream results in very stinging eyes! Then every time I enter a race lately it gets to be a hot sunny day!

But it has to be said I’ve already decided on a repeat next year now I have all the kit! The feeling of finishing that was awesome. 

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