Great Newham London Run

With a really warm day for Sunday 17th July just as there was on Sunday 8th May for Run Hackney I have decided there’s a corrolation between me entering an event and the weather being too hot. At least Great Newham London Run is only a 10k.

I thought I had rehydrated well enough as I managed a very nice GBK meal after my run, but once home I developed a monster of a headache. I am not entirely sure if it was dehydration, sun stroke or heat stroke all I do know is I was basically useless yesterday afternoon and evening. Now it’s Monday morning I am glad to report I feel fine.

I did manage a pre run selfie even if I have not rubbed in the sun cream perfectly…..

I am super glad I remembered the sun cream, as I think I would have been lobster red all over without it…. even if it did sweat off and into my eyes meaning the photo I took off myself at the finish looks something like this;

I do love the track in the Olympic stadium for being so bouncy after all that tarmac of the rest of the route. Hopefully I’ll have some good photos from Marathon Photos this year, last year I was rubbing sweat out of my eyes as I finished!

The other thing I am loving about running events is they make London more social again. On the tube journey from Stratford to Southwark I was chatting to another runner where as normally the tube is a don’t dare chat to strangers zone we could discuss the run and then life in general.

Anyway now to start to panic about the AJ Bell London Triathlon which is in three weeks…. ARGH! I think mainly I just hope for cooler weather, but at least the swim keeps me cool and being a sprint it’s a 5k not a 10k run. (That’s after a 750m swim and 20k cycle)

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