Sittingbourne not Dover

So I am very glad I tried a test run of London to Dover yesterday as I had a technology fail when my GPS suddenly said I had reached my destination. Turns out the route I had downloaded had too many waypoints. I did manage to find National Cycle Network (NCN) route 1 again, but it wasn’t really the route I wanted to use to Dover.

On NCN 1 there are a couple of signs that don’t help hence I did plenty of extra mirage tracking these down. When I first rejoined NCN 1 I also managed two and a half miles in the wrong direction.

Despite only having pedals with toe loops I still managed to lose my balance in a queue of traffic once.

However the most pain I am in is from managing to slide over on the kitchen floor and land on my left arm.

Current plan is to re-attempt at the weekend.

Oh and if you want to see what I did manage.

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