It seems to be 2016

So I have started this year’s training….. Since that session I’ve been foam rolling whilst watching TV as I can feel already that it is likely I’m going to wake up with stiff legs in the morning.

2028_1247858601909201_1529742699196931435_nYou know it’s a fairly brutal session when it starts with the warm up being a 5k run, but not long until the end of the month and the London Winter Run so need to get back into my running training.

I did actually manage the half marathon on Wimbledon Common last year and I wasn’t quite the last finisher either. Then at the end of February I’ve got the Vitality Half Marathon in Brighton to be trying to use to improve my time.

On top of that planning to cycle to Amsterdam means I need to make sure I’m including some cycling training damn the diary is already looking crazy until Easter!

Achievement wise 2015 was awesome for me I can’t quite believe I managed:

  • My first 5k event
  • My first public 10k event
  • Tough Mudder
  • A half marathon
  • To convince some people that cycling to Amsterdam will be fun

So I think something I’m going to have to try and do in 2016 is keep my blog more updated! I’ll probably still be switching between gym, cycling and technology as they the subjects that interest me.





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One Response to It seems to be 2016

  1. directorb says:

    Wow, 2015 definitely was a good year, hope 2016 is even better, kick some butt! And hope your marathons coming up go really well.

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