10 miles just for training

So today I went on a 10 mile run as next weekend I’m doing my first half marathon. When I did the Great South Run I got a 2:00:53 time on a fairly flat course.

So I was quite happy with today’s run:


It took me 1:53:07 to do the 16.2k (which is 10 miles) this time so that’s a good seven minutes off the time even though I included Crystal Palace in my route, I’d not taken any rest days before hand, and I didn’t have the support there was at the Great South Run.

I did have the right insoles today though (I swear by the ironman insoles!) They make running so much nicer on my feet. I did get a blister on my left foot today, but it burst itself whilst I was running and never caused any real pain.

Forecast isn’t currently looking bad for next weekend either, I did my run on Sunday this weekend as Saturday’s weather looked a bit horrible.

Legs are feeling a bit tired now, but much better than after my last 10 mile event. It’s surprising how quickly the body gets used to various things.



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