Great South Run – Done


This is me nearing the finish

So other than tough mudder which was a longer run, but with breaks for the obstacles this is now my longest run to date.

I am slightly annoyed with myself though as I had got myself a new pair of iron man insoles that I really like, but only went and left these at home. I couldn’t find the same in Portsmouth so had to get the best I could from Boots. I got a blister from these, but only on my left foot. I shall be making sure I but the right insoles in before I next go for a run.

As Saturday is my Birthday thinking I shall have a weekend off the running training, but need to remember it’s now not that long until I increase the distance again with a half marathon in Wimbledon.

My time was 2 hours and not quite a whole minute, had it not been for the sore foot I think it could have been under the 2 hour mark, but I was far enough of the roads being reopened to be happy with myself.

Being the biggest run I have done to date on of my favourite things was the spectators on the route providing much needed encouragement and even doing so by name as the run numbers had first names on. 

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