Tough Mudder

So this weekend I completed Tough Mudder. I might not have met all of them until the day of Tough Mudder itself, but what an awesome team of people it was to do the event with. Still feeling an amazing sense of achievement that it’s possible I did this and have this photo to show for it….

Me with cider after finishing

Well deserved cider

When a few years ago I was looking like this….

Me before weight management

Me before weight management

So I’m not quite up to the fitness levels of some of the team yet, and owe these guys a fair bit for pushing and pulling me up and over some of the obstacles….. I won’t mention any names, but I did get to take one for the team in having to lend my shorts out after someone’s bum ended up a bit more exposed than planed after one of the obstacles tore a hole in their leggings. Lucky I’d decided that I should wear baggy shorts over my compression shorts and was therefore able to donate my baggy shorts to protect modesty.

I’m not the quickest either and not once did the team complain about having to wait for me to catch up.

I can’t believe that Gio who is one of the trainers in the work gym ended up carrying me for some of the hero carry. Gio is a sprinter build and I’m still quite large at 90 kilos, but he did it!

What an awesome group of people

What an awesome group of people

So it’s now Sunday evening and my legs still are suffering, but I’d not have missed it for the world. The sense of achievement for me makes me slightly emotional I remember when I was first starting to try running with the gym at work and I’d have to stop due to unbearable pain after less than 400 meters, so doing 12 miles with the added obstacles just feels awesome. It also means I’m now thinking my 10 miles I’ve signed up for in October won’t be too bad either!

Arctic Enema means I’m never going to find a cold shower that bad when the hot water fails at work or home again, as ouch iced water is cold to swim in, but nothing prepared me for once we finished at the end when the sun had started to go down, but we were still damn. I’ve never been so cold in my life, thankfully we had Mark with us as driver / medic and he made sure we all stayed safe.

Arctic Enema

Arctic Enema

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