As part of weight management at work there was a swimming session. We had done a warm up, some timed lengths and then started working on some technique improvement.

We were towards the end of length one of kicking only whilst holding a float and I noticed I was catching Kat up. My competitive streak made me kick as fast as my legs would let me, I had got alongside Kat and all was looking good to overtake her and beat her to the other end of the pool. Then ARGH I had a tremendous pain in my right leg and using my left leg and arms only I manage to get to the side of the pool. I watched Kat finish her length and swore at myself for trying a bit to hard as not only did I not overtake I never even finished that length.

You could see the ball of cramped muscle in the back of my right leg. Fortunately for me Kim who was instructing the swimming lesson was in the pool and able to help release the cramp by massaging it. I got half way back to the shallow end before off it went again. 

It still doesn’t feel quite right and it is now the morning after, I am dreading trying it on a foam roller later.

All just because I wanted to win…… I think I lost this one pretty well, but you can’t say I didn’t try!

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