10k Training

So the 10k run I have signed up for is in three weeks, but next weekend I am in Scotland and the weekend after it is Yorkshire. I did 6k last weekend so decided to up my distance a bit by varying my route. I didn’t plan my route before I set off so ended up just running round roads I know. Upsettingly I have still not quite completely thrown off the cold I had so I can get my pace back to where it should be yet, but I am almost there and it best be fully gone in three weeks!

When I got back to my start point my distance was at 9.5k and so I just couldn’t stop there and had to do the extra 500 meters! As I was hoping to do 7-8k with the random extensions to the route I ran last time I was happy it turned into a 10k. I must add I love my polar m400 heart rate monitor watch for sitting on my wrist and keeping track of the distance for me!

I am going to pack my running trainers for Scotland and for Yorkshire I will be back in time to get a run in.

The big question for me now is do I increase the distance further or work on the pace?

I still can not quite believe that I have signed up for two 10k events this summer especially when I remember this time last year I couldn’t manage a full lap of an 800m square they use for running training at work. 

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One Response to 10k Training

  1. Neil says:

    Great job on your progress from not being able to run 800m to finishing a 6k !! Keep it up !!

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