How things change

Old Me

Old Me

So this is what I used to look like the first picture is from the end of 2012, but as it’s of me in black tie and I’ve now got a more recent one of me in black tie it’s time to enjoy the change in these two photos!

New me

New me

And on the right we have new improved me. Not the best lighting for a photo in the world and I had to crop it so I’m not publishing pictures of others on my blog!

I am so much happier as new me. Not only that I’m getting ready for a 10k run in a month and Tough Mudder at the end of September. These are things old me would have found impossible. When I’d be going to the gym a while I did start trying the running club they ran. I used to not be able to make a lap of the approximately 800 meter square in one go and had to jog a side and then walk a side. This morning as part of my getting ready for my 10k I run 6k in one go. (Okay I did stop for road crossings as I did this near home rather than travelling into work to run round Hyde Park)

I’m nearly at the end of my weight loss journey. (Well when it comes to weight as weight there’s only 4 kilos to get me down to the 90kg end goal) This said the last part of the journey is getting the lean mass up and the fat mass down, it’s been hard journey for me, but I can’t thank the gym staff and my friends enough for the help and encouragement I’ve had.

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