North Downs Way – Day 5

I am currently sitting on a train from Stood to Lewisham. Cuxton is a very small station I discovered when I ended my today’s walking there.

I did get slightly drenched on my walk from Otford to Cuxton today, but the rain went away and the sun came out.

Feet wise I suffered a fair bit today as the top of the blister I already had on my left foot had come of I had to not stick anything too aggressive to it as I know the agony that can cause from past experience.

My freezer bag to water proof my phone was successful, but I might treat myself to a proper waterproof phone cover. There is a big lack of photos today the best I can offer is the ending GPS screen. 

As I am posting from a train I am afraid strava and gpx uploads are going to have to wait. I am off out tonight treating myself to some well deserved Whisky after making it over half way…. That reminds me I did manage this photo.



It is very nice to know I have made it half way, okay I am a bit disappointed I haven’t finished in my two weeks off, but at the same time I know my feet would be even more in a mess if I had walked everyday. Hopefully getting back into walking is toughening my feet back up. I have also ordered a load more feet first aid supplies from Amazon to try and help prevent, but also deal with when I have messed up my feet!

So it looks like I shall be using weekends to finish off my North Downs Way trip, so my feet might even have time to recover a bit more before the next leg then of course it all depends how much I do in the gym too!

One of the reasons I didn’t want too much stuck on my feet today is I am going swimming tomorrow and don’t want stuff I can not get off cleanly falling off in the pool!

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