North Downs Way – Day 4

So today was Oxted to Otford both in my plan and in what I actually walked.


The sign when I found the North Downs Way again

It went from two extremes with the distance from my transport stop and the North Downs Way path today at the start I had to walk for what seemed like ages…. (The map says it was 1.8 km, but it still felt a long way to me, probably due to it all being evil pavements, when I’m in walking boots I much prefer to avoid harder surfaces)

At the Otford end the station was almost on the actual route, so that made for a nice end today and will be a good start for my day five.

Day five is most likely going to be Otford to Cuxton as the map shows that’s the next good place for a train station, and I’m not that keen on switching to a bus quite yet.

It was sunny and warm today.

It was sunny and warm today.

Excuse the squinting from the sun trying to blind me as I took this photo, but I was certainly glad to have plenty of water today as I finished it all off and had to stop in a pub for a diet coke.

I also managed to remember the factor 50 plus again which had I forgotten for my skin today would have become an aborted day as I know how much I would have suffered, but at least this being out in the sun is helping get my skin more used to it. It’s really not fair being someone who loves the great outdoors when you’ve got skin which might as well just be allergic to the sun!

The bright day made for quite a nasty haze so there’s not really any good photos from today, but having found the motorway noise annoying on Day 3 it was disturbing to find the M25 looking like this:

M25 standstillThat’s a standstill in one direction and nothing at all coming the other way. I’ve since learnt it was a motorbike accident, so I was right to think when I saw it that’s not a good sign.

Today’s track log and strava link. My pace was slightly slower today, mainly as I was stopping more to drink water, but also not pacing myself quite as quickly due to how warm it was today.

I’m hoping I can make day five Saturday, I’m not going to walk tomorrow as I’m wanting to go into London for some shopping and a gym session. What I should have purchased when in the outdoor shops on Wednesday morning was a new camelbak, as I was really wishing for the option to drink without stopping to take my bag off today. I’ll stick to waiting for someone to reduce some walking trousers before I replace what I currently have with a smaller version.

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