North Downs Way – Day 3

Well that was a bit of an epic day.

GPS after Day 3Yes the Moving Time is in hours and minutes and the stopped time is in minutes and seconds. I’m not quite sure how it counts stopped time at only that long when I had a nice cookie and diet coke from the National Trust and some more food and another diet coke from a petrol station.

So my original day three plan was to start at Box Hill and Westhumble and to finish at Merstham, but when I got to Merstham it was only three and a half hours walking, so it didn’t feel like I should be stopping just yet! So I decided to go for it and carry on to Oxted the photo of the GPS was taken outside the station at Oxted. Also for those who prefer miles 32.60 km converts into 20.25 miles.

I used zinc oxide tape today as my experiment on day two had convinced me this was the better option for me and I’m glad to report the only blistering today was a slight worsening of the existing blister on the bottom of my left foot. That said after a bath I’m feeling that I might carry on and do day four tomorrow, but I’ll only really make my mind up in the morning. I know I’m going to sleep very well tonight though!

The other number I really like is Strava’s estimate of calories used and today it comes in at 3,370 so that’s a lot of Easter damage undone I hope!

It’s on strava already, and I’ll upload the GPX file when I get the chance. (now done)

The day four plan is Oxted to Otford which is a more sane distance at just over half of what I did today. (At a rough estimate, I’ve not done my proper plotting yet)

I even managed to resist the strong temptation to treat myself to a beer in the pub at Oxted station and had a more sensible both for diet and hydration reasons diet pepsi.

I was very glad I took the factor 50+ today even if I did get some odd looks putting it on whilst on the train, but I didn’t burn this time and the sun was out. It was a bit hazy today, hence the lack of pictures but I quite liked this track going over a field.

Track over field

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