North Downs Way – Day Two

Back to the routeSo after a mile walk from Guildford Station I was glad to see this sign, meaning I’d undone the detour to Guildford Station (which added about an extra mile in each of day one and day two). I’m still feeling quite lucky with the changes to the trains meaning I could get a train from Eden Park to London Victoria and then carry on with my travel plans despite all the warning that Easter engineering work was likely to break lots of things.

One of the things I did today was an experiment on Day One I taped my feet up with zinc oxide tape, today (or Day Two) I used mefix. No real blistering on the main front pad of my feer on either day, but I did feel the zinc oxide tape made more of a difference. The problem with zinc oxide tape is it is nastier to remove as it sticks better to start with, mefix as is easier to cut to size, but having done today’s experiment it needs reinforcing with felt or something to give a little bit more cushioning.

Whichever one I use in future I’ll not be forgetting the trick I was taught when seeing a physio which is that skin safe spray glue exists. I’m very likely to use the zinc oxide tape for day three onwards, but I’m also already building up some nice hard skin so I’ll be able to start experimenting with no taping by the end of this adventure I hope.

Today’s progress was a bit slower than Day One, mainly due to sand at first which then Muddy trousersturned into mud. There were multiple occasions when I almost slid over today, but amazingly I didn’t I did still get covered in mud though just due to how muddy the path was. Sorry fellow train users I did feel guilty!

St Martha's ChurchThere were some very nice views on today’s walk I really liked the traditional look of St. Martha’s church and even more so the amazing view it had once I’d got past it.

View from St Martha's church

There were many good views down over the valley to my right on the walking today. I think the photos would look better if there was more sun today, but my skin’s glad there wasn’t as I didn’t have to plaster myself with factor 50+ sunscreen.

import 134

After starting at Guildford I ended my day at Box Hill & Westhumble station, which had an hourly service to London Victoria. I was lucky to just managed to use the ticket machine and make the London bound platform in time, otherwise I’d have ended up in the pub for nearly an hour. (I’m back to not drinking at the moment as part of my heath drive so it would have been diet coke)

Day Three is going to be Box Hill & Westhumble to Merstham, which should be more like day one time wise, but I’m not going to have time to try and do it tomorrow morning before I need to go out, so hopefully that is more feet recovery time and the forecast will be nice to me for Easter Monday.

The track log for my day two is here and strava has my upload of it.

I did manage to get a toe end blister, which was really rather painful and I did have to attack it with a pin when I’d had my post walk bath. It was quite pressurised and under the nail so the relief was quite instant once it was no longer pushing quite as hard!

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