North Downs Way – Weather and trains

So I was going to plan day two of my North Downs Way walk on Good Friday (3rd April 2015), but having seen the forecast I’m just not going to walk when it’s raining when I don’t have to, as this is entirely a Mike for fun type project with no deadline why not just enjoy it? I won’t be forgetting the sun cream again though, my face is still suffering slightly from day one!

The forecast looks better for Saturday and given all the engineering work at Easter I was expecting to have to get a lift, but it seems the Hayes (Kent) line trains are going to London Victoria on Easter Saturday, so I might be one of the only people in the country that the Easter engineering work is going to be doing a favour for.

My map showing Farnham to Guildford looks like I did a decent bit of the walk already, but at only 11 miles of the route done, it’s still leaving me a fair bit.

I’ve got a day off walking on Easter Sunday I am sure, but Easter Monday may well become day three.

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