Under 95kg and 29.7kg lost so far

I’ve made it to my personal target for the end of weight management. The target did start off at 100kg, but once that was hit I had to give myself a new target. Unfortunately I did not make this weight for my weight management final testing session, but as weight management ends on the 1st I am counting this as making my target.

The 29.7kg I was temped to round to 30kg, but we shall get there soon!

In my final testing session I was told to aim at 90kg as a body weight and then to work on reducing the body fat percentage. My current reading on that is 30.6% and we want it down to 14% over the next year.

It’s been an amazing journey and better still the end goal is now feeling within reach. 

I still can’t quite believe the change in myself and am ever grateful to the gym staff and my gym buddies (with a fair bit of overlap between the two groups). 

Not only this but wearing my heart rate monitor to train has got me to a gold vitality status. One free Starbucks a week if I train or not now is quite a nice feeling. I am certainly not going to give up on training I owe it to the people who have invested so much into helping me to make the end goal.

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