North Downs Way

I have booked off work from the 28th March until the 12th April as now thanks to having some fitness again my urge to walk a long distance path is strong.

Given it will be over the Easter Weekend and also school holidays the plan is to commute to the start and end points of my walks daily. This rather narrowed my choice of walk and as I have done so much of the South Downs Way as parts of other walks the North Downs Way had to win this time.

Unfortunately Easter does mean lots of Engineering work by Network Rail, but I hope to use a few lifts where trains don’t work for me. (And it is a very sensible time for them to do such work so I can’t really complain)

Also on the 1st April I am going to have a day off this walk due to an end of weight management social at work, but to ensure I stay in the habit of walking I have a slightly crazy plan of walking to work (South Kensington) from home (Beckenham). If I end up running too late on that one I will jump on a train or bus to get to the pub on time, but my estimation leads me to hope to be in South Kensington for a late lunch.

Part of my motivation for all this walking is we are taking part in gofit at work where teams compete against each other for movement minutes and I want to make sure I stay active over Easter. The other part is I love walking, but haven’t tried anything multi day for ages. 

I have not tried using Garmin connect since I upgraded my Samsung S4 to an iPhone 6, but if all works to plan my walk will be trackable online.

All I need now is to start the walk planning and to get my maps sorted! 

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