I made it under 100 kilos

I’ve made it to a target I had for quite a while now and the scales (as of Friday) have my weight at under 100 kilograms. Looking at the data with Withings has stored from my scales it was 124.15 on Thu, May 15 2014 6:43 AM and 99.9 on Fri, Feb 27 2015 6:38 AM.

I hadn’t realised the improvement was over that short a time frame until looking at these numbers. There’s a whole load of milestones coming at once as 25kg lost is coming up soon, and also with some slight rounding 25kg is a fifth of 125kg (so 20% body weight lost)

I was looking at photos of the progress so far and found these two that I like to think help show the difference.

Old Photo

Chubby face

New Photo

Less chubby face

It’s also nice to say that shirt in the less chubby photo is a 16.5″ collar and does up without feeling tight!

I’d not have made it without the help of the work gym and it’s staff. As an example of the improvement in fitness they have helped me with when I started a single burpee was a killer for me, last week we did an one hundred burpee challenge in one of the classes. The time goal for the challenge was eight minutes and the limit was ten minutes, the fact I got to 95 burpees (in the ten minute limit) was very heartening for me. (Of course I now look forward to next time we do an one hundred burpee challenge, as smashing the one hundred out will feel awesome)

I can’t claim all of this is my own doing I’ve very lucky to have had the help of the gym staff with everything from diet planning, classes they run (and make fun), stretches (specific to areas I need to improve on flexibility), motivation and fashion advice with many of them going well beyond their jobs to help me.

When I was a teenager I used to love getting on my bike and cycling, and I’d tried again before the fitness improvements and hadn’t really enjoyed it, but now I’m loving it again! I’m also finding weighing less makes me more confident when walking or cycling on muddy slopes! I think it might be time for another adventure type holiday. Having walked coast to coast years ago I think I might need to try the cycling C2C or walking the whole south downs way.

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One Response to I made it under 100 kilos

  1. Lotta says:

    Good work mate!

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